About a11y.space

a11y.space started life as a lockdown project in March 2020. Not being able to work, I decided to create this as a way of helping people use Webflow to make accessible websites.

I began by building a huge database on Airtable and a very bad design on Webflow.

With lots of love and support from the Webflow community, it's finally becoming a "thing".

jonathan holden.

Let's have chat over a nice cup of tea

Like all space programmes, this site was a huge amount of work.
If you find it useful, I'd really appreciate a nice cup of tea.

And if you want to chat too, DM me on Twitter


Webflow Coffee Talk

In August 2020 I appeared on the Webflow Coffee Talk to chat about all things accessibility and Webflow with Monica Czarny, Accessibility Team PM at Webflow.


Cosmic thanks to Vlad, Ruben and Monica at Webflow and to the whole team who are making Webflow more accessible by default.

Intergalactic thanks to the #NoCode community - I love you all.

Universal thanks to the #accessibility #a11y community - without whom none of this would be possible.