Build the accessible web with Webflow


What is an accessible web site?

Everyone can use an accessible website, all the time.
It is designed to be used by people with all forms of disabilities. 

All websites are accessible conceptually. It’s only when they are designed that the barriers appear.

When websites are designed with accessibility in mind, people with permanent or temporary disabilities can use them with ease. An accessible website has no barriers that make it difficult or impossible for some people to use. 
An accessible website is one that works for everyone, all the time.


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Get started with building accessible websites

Having to learn even more skills, on top of Webflow, SEO, page speed might seem a bit daunting. But here are 10 things to think about which are quite easy to implement, and by using Webflow you're off to a great start.


Why build accessible sites with Webflow?

Some people think that Webflow is a "drag and drop" builder. It's not. It's a powerful "visual web development platform".

HTML, CSS and JS are the three languages used to build web pages. Webflow lets you build in these languages visually. Pull thing from the Elements panel and you're building nice clean HTML.

It's not perfect, but if you follow the guides here on you'll be able to build a website that works for everyone.


Score 100 with Google Lighthouse Accessibility

Google Lighthouse scores your website on

Follow my guide to score 100 on the accessibility track