Build Webflow for everyone

Design and develop with disabled people in mind

Everyone can use the accessible web all the time. Whether it’s permanent or temporary disability, we all benefit from good design.

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The a11y challenge

a11y is a shortcut for the word accessibility. "a" 11 letters "y".

There are no shortcuts to accessibility. But take our short quiz on the reasons for building accessible sites.

YOU know it’s the right thing to do, but if you need to convince your boss or your client, we’ve got you covered.

Take the a11y challenge
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Webflow - accessibility by default

Clean code, high standards

Accessibility is important to Webflow. They are working hard to make it the default. Remember that not everything in accessibility is down to the code. Yes, Webflow is #NoCode, and the output of your website is good, clean production quality code.

Because they care, you care. And your clients care when they know that their customers get the best web experience.

Build accessible with Webflow
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Google Lighthouse accessibility audit

Lighthouse accessibility score of 96
A 96 score of is really bad

Why? Because with Webflow it's unbelievably easy to score 100!

The WebAIM million websites review found the biggest errors on home pages are

  • Low contrast text 86%
  • Missing alternative text for images 66%
  • Empty links 60%
  • Missing form input labels 54%
  • Empty buttons 29%
  • Missing document language 28%

These are also the top 6 errors on Webflow sites. It’s easy to fix these with Webflow and score 100 on Google Lighthouse.

Score 100 on Lighthouse
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Who is for?

A blind woman and an old man with a stick in space suits with some design symbols

Digital agencies

Webflow agencies who want to level up their accessibility game

A man and a woman with crutches in front of some marketing charts and maps

Sales and marketing departments

In-company departments who need to make their material accessible to everyone

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Whatever your flow, you can build it for everyone

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Membership offer includes deeper insights into making Webflow accessible, coaching, and audits during build.

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Level up your whole team with our online coaching 

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Webflow Website audits

Check accessibility as you design and build

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